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NOTICE: HAvRel charting is back online.
We have upgraded to Fusion Charts XT.
  • What is HAvRel?
  • The HAvRel website provides easy access to Aerospace Reliability data and Avionics & Mechanical Shop Repair Records.   More Info?

  • Key Features:
  •      - Shop Record Reports (Live Shop Repair Queries)
         - Summary Reports (4 Ups,MTBUR/MTBF and NFF)
         - Static Reports (Snapshots/Reports, previously
             sent to Customers)>.

  • New to HAvRel?
  • Go to our Quick Start Guide.

  • Tips for Using HAvRel:

  •      - The blue left menu provides primary navigation.
         - Hover over an item to see additional information,
             then click on the item to make your selection.
         - Most selections will require that you login.
         - The Visual Navigation Screen provides an
             additional intuative method for navigation.
         - The Help Section will prove in valuable in making
             the best use of this site.
         - The Help Menu contains two HAvRel training links.
         - Use Feedback for questions or comments.

    Click "Visual Navigation" to Navigate

    In a hurry? Now you can get Quick MTBUR/MTBF.  This runs a lengthy report so please be patient.

  • Data Coverage:
  • HAvRel contains Shop Repair Records for Aviation Products since January 2000. This data is updated every evening for most products and weekly for others. Shop Repair Records have been consolidated from the Quality Data System (QDS), WSC, the Olathe Data Warehouse (ODW), eFindings and from Legacy AlliedSignal data systems and shops.
    Summary Data (MTBUR/MTBF) for selected products is also available.

  • Other Info:
  • First Time Users: Please go to the Help Section then click HAvRel Basic Training.
    This short PowerPoint Presentation will help acquaint you with HAvRel and provide guidance in its use.
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