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RMSS-RDM Group The RDM Group's Vision is to provide the optimal interface between business users and aerospace in-service data. The RDM Group's Mission is to develop and maintain an in-service data collection and management system which fulfills customer requirements by providing accurate and timely in-service data on designated Honeywell Aerospace products for the purpose of supporting technical excellence, customer excellence, business obligations and business opportunities.
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ACAS This page is primarily intended to provide potential A/C Ownership/ Utilization product users with visibility to the various products that are in use at Honeywell. Sufficient information is provided to help you determine if access to any of these products would be beneficial to your job function.
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ISDS The Honeywell In-Service Data System (formerly the AlliedSignal In-Service Data System, AS-ISDS for short) is a shop findings collection application built to support the Boeing In-Service Data Plan (ISDP). The application is used to collect shop repair data as well as production quality data for grading and submission to Boeing.
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HAvRel The HAvRel Website is designed to provide easy access, analysis and retrieval of reliability related data. Some of the sections include Shop Repair Record Reports, Archived/Static Reports, Summary and Analysis Reports, Customer Fleet Information, DFSS/DFR Tools, Help and Contact Information. HAvRel contains Shop Repair Records for Aviation Products since January 1998. This data is updated every evening. Summary Data (MTBUR/MTBF) for selected products is also available. Avionics Field reliability data has been consolidated from the Quality Data System (QDS), representing WSC and SAP shop data, from the Olathe Data Warehouse (ODW), from Legacy AlliedSignal data systems. Mechanical data from eFindings is available since 2000 for dynamic queries. Static reports are available covering many of the Mechanical systems including: Aircraft Systems Sources, FREE, GOAL, PIPS, and TRACE.
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